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Microdrone: UAV for British Police

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The British Transport Police are planning on deploying the “Microdrone” to monitor British railways from cable theft. Made in Germany, it is equipped with a video and IR camera. The silent helicopter drone can film suspects from up to 350 feet high. Utilizing a four-propeller system and a squirt gun, the Microdrone has one trick up its sleeve. It can spray baddies with a high-tech liquid called “SmartWater“, which is a liquid that can remain on a person’s skin for days even after washing. The invisible traces of the liquid is used by the police to identify suspects. The R/C helicopter police spy costs $60,000 each.

The Microdrone has a range of 500 yards (1,500 feet) via remote control.

“The Microdrone is an excellent piece of technology which will assist BTP in our ongoing fight against cable thieves. The drone will assist in covering even larges stretches of the railway to monitor criminal activity. Its use will mean that we can police even more sections of the rail network in addition to regally patrols and other tactics that we adopt to disrupt cable thieves. Its use will not be intrusive to the general public and is will only be aimed at people involved in criminal activity.”

Read the press release here.


Via: BotJunkie and BTP