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Mouse-shaped USB Speaker

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Looking for a new office item to show off to co-workers? Check out the cute USB Mini Mouse Speaker. It supports all of your audio devices, including iPods, PSP, CD Player, and PC to name a few. Basically, if it can connect via a 3.5mm stereo audio jack, it’ll work. Just be sure to plug into a USB port to recharge it.

The USB Mini Mouse Speaker measures 50 x 34 x 73mm and weighs 44 grams. It is pretty small and should fit in the palm of your hand. It comes with a USB cable, neck strap, and audio cable — all for $14 at Brando. It even has headlights! Though, don’t expect ‘oomph sounds’ coming out of this thing.


* Loudspeakser output: 2W
* Sensitivity: 82 +- 3db
* Loudspeaker Impedance:4 ohm +- 15%
* Distortion: 0.5%
* Lithium ion battery output: 3.7V
* Lithium ion battery input: 4.2V +- 0.05V


Via: GeekAlerts

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