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Plug It: never forget your USB cable again

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Don’t you just hate it when you forget to bring your phone’s USB cable with you on a trip? Wish it was easier to carry that long-ass USB cable? The Plug It makes it all easier. The Plug It is a USB adapter that makes connecting your USB devices to your PC a snap. It appears to be a short (and stylish) USB to USB cable, so you won’t need to wrestle with a long, ugly cable. Currently, the device comes in either a miniUSB or microUSB model. Though, it also has support for Nokia and Samsung phones. However, what makes the Plug It unique is that you can attach the USB adapter to your keychain! So, it’ll be with you at all times.

The Plug It comes in a variety of colors (red, yellow, black, white, and gray) at 7.95 Euros ($12.12) each. Order here.


Via: Engadget

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