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Wiimote is an actual TV remote

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The Nintendo Wii’s remote control has been poked fun at for looking like an actual TV remote. However, the video above shows some guy in Japan actually controlling his TV with the Wiimote. First, we see him browse some EPG then, he selects a channel and starts watching it. We then see him adjust the volume and change channels. Pretty cool.

How is he doing this? Is this some “extra” feature the Japanese have, that we don’t. Is this a fake? Is it an ordinary universal remote in a Wiimote shell? But, it can’t be. Because we see him browse the Wii’s system settings. The cursor on the TV looks like the Wii’s. Even the music. Is he using some Bluetooth hack?

Any ideas?

Update: Okay, I did some digging. So apparently Nintendo unleashed the Wii TV Guide Channel in Japan. It gives users the abilities shown in the video. The new feature allows you to use the Wiimote like a universal remote. The sensor bar acts like the IR receiver. Interestingly, the TV Channel also lets users rate and share TV shows. You can “stamp” your favorite shows with your Mii icon, so your friends can see what shows you like. You can also see what your friends are stamping.


Via: 3 Yen – Japanese Gadgets

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