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FMG-9: is that a flashlight? Nope, it’s a foldable submachine gun

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Holy crap. At first, when watching the video, I was like, “That’s gonna be a hassle manually unfolding.” Little did I know. The FMG-9, developed by Magpul, is essentially a glorified Glock handgun. It utilizes the Glock’s receiver and magazine cartridge. In its folded state, it looks very much like an ordinary flashlight, but when the time calls for you to get a little nasty, a press of a button will unfold the unsuspecting flashlight into a submachine gun. It is remarkable how fast it unfolds. I guess you would need it too, especially during urgent times.

I can’t tell you how speechless I was when the flashlight unfolded…

The FMG-9 is strictly a concept. They do not intend on selling it. It’s currently being used as a “here’s what Magpul can do” product.


Via: Gizmodo

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