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Panasonic to make Wii-proof TVs

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Panasonic seems well aware of the amount of broken TVs the Nintendo Wii has caused. To help combat the problem, Panasonic plans go back and use the old-school method of TV making. Basically, the plan is to use thicker, high-strength CRT glass on all of its flat-screen displays.

“In a demonstration for New Scientist at a seminar in Valencia, Spain, Panasonic hung a 250-gram steel ball on the end of a cord and let it swing 40 centimetres onto a screen to simulate an impact equivalent to the Wii remote being thrown hard at the screen from across a room.

Even after a wince-inducing 1000 strikes on the same spot, the glass remained intact and unmarked. By contrast, a conventional flat screen cracked after a single strike, exposing its electronic innards to the atmosphere and stopping it working.”

Hopefully, the new TVs will remain thin and sexy. Though, it is nice to hear one TV manufacturer helping the gamers out.


Via: New Scientist [Image via Wii Damage]

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