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Secure Dog: Barking Dog Alarm

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Some people just can’t afford a high-tech home security system. Enter the Secure Dog, a barking dog alarm. Using microwave technology, the Secure Dog is able to detect presence through thick walls and doors. Once a person reaches within 20 feet, the Secure Dog will emit a realistic barking sound reminiscence of a German Shepard. The closer the intruder gets, the louder the bark. The further away they get, the Secure Dog will “bark” less frequent and more quieter. You can, of course, easily change the distance sensitivity.

However, if you wish to turn off the barking sound, you may do so with the press of a button. It’ll go from barking sounds to more ‘tranquil’ sounds of a rain forest in a flash. The Secure Dog measures 7.5 x 5 x 5.5 inches and provides 24 hour “protection”. Just make sure it stays connected to a 110V outlet. $79.95 via Milestone Saftey Products.

Don’t forget to place your “Beware of Dog” signs outside your house.


Via: Spy Review