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Acer Aspire ‘Gemstone Blue’ line of notebooks

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Acer is attempting its hand at the high-end notebook market currently occupied by Apple and Sony. Acer is entering the market with its upgraded and restyled Aspire line, dubbed the Gemstone Blue. More specifically the Acer Aspire 8920G and 6920. Both models sport an Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo processor, Blu-ray drive, HDTV tuner, HDMI with HDCP support, integrated webcam, Bluetooth, N-draft Wi-Fi, Windows Vista Ultimate or Home Premium, finger print reader, and up to 4GB of DDR2 667MHz RAM. Audio-wise, you can expect both models to get high definition sound: CineSurround, Tuba CineBass booster, and True5.1. However, the “highlight” of the new Aspire models is Acer’s CineDash media control, which allows user’s to navigate through menus, music, and videos all via touch-sensitive interface. Pricing for the new notebooks are unknown.

The higher end 8920G has a 18.4″ 16:9, 1080p display, with a 8ms response time. It can come configured with up to 640GB of HDD space, 6-in-1 card reader, and a VoIP Bluetooth phone. Graphics-wise, you can opt for the NVIDIA GeForce 9650M GS with up to 1280 MB of TurboCache or the GeForce 9500M GS with up to 1280 MB of TurboCache.

The slightly lower end 6920 has a 16″ 16:9, 1080p display, with a 8ms response time as well. However, it’ll also come in a 720p version. It can be configured with up to 320GB of HDD space and a 6-in-1 card reader. The graphics option is only the NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS with up to 1280 MB of TurboCache.


Read the Acer Aspire 8920G press release.
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Via: Electronista

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