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magicJack: Skype what?

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The magicJack is a USB VoIP calling device similar to Skype or Vonage, but much cheaper. About the size of a matchbook, the magicJack only requires a USB port, broadband connection, a telephone handset, and Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista). Simply plug in the magicJack to your PC, connect a headset (or landline phone) to the device, and make your call. There is no software to install. Once you connect the device to your computer, the software will automatically run…off of the magicJack. It’ll even do emergency 911 calls. The person you call doesn’t not require a magicJack. You can call any ordinary landline phone. Here’s what you get:

* Free calls within USA and Canada (local and long distance)
* Voicemail
* Caller ID
* Your own phone number
* USB extension cord
* Emergency 911 and free 411 calls
* Call waiting/forwarding
* Free International calling to US/Canada numbers when traveling outside of the US.

You also don’t need to have your computer running to receive voice mails or to have your calls forwarded. Calls are forwarded from the company’s own switches. International rates are as low as 0.2 cents per minute. Full rates here.

The magicJack costs $39.95 a year. Best of all, you get one free year (calls within USA/Canada). There is a 30 day, 100% risk-free trial, so go ahead and give it a shot.

TravelTechTalk did a review of the device and are raving about it, despite its negligible delay.


Via: TravelTechTalk