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SUV-Cam Professional – extreme video recording

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Elmo Japan has announced the SUV-Cam Professional, which is very much like their SUV-Cam II, except the Pro model can record at 704 x 480 resolution and has a recording timer, to automatically begin recording at specified times. If you aren’t familiar with Elmo’s SUV-Cam, it’s a camera head attached to a recording base unit. The cable that attaches the camera can be 3-5m long (unlike the previous model’s 1.5m max). It allows for shots not possible on more bulky video cameras. Intended for sporting events, motorsporting, and police, it is easily mounted on a bike or vehicle. Here’s the basic lowdown:

* 2.2-inch LCD display
* mountable and wearable: easy to catch the “action”
* 704×480, 640×480, 320×240, and 160×128 supported resolutions
* up to 25 fps recording
* Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 2 hours 30 minutes of recording/5 hours of playback.

The SUV-Cam Professional will hit Japan on March 26 for 84,000 Yen ($640) for the recording unit, 31,500 Yen ($305) for the camera head.


Via: Akihabara News and Newlaunches

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