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Don’t Break the Bottle

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Got too many alcoholic friends? You may end their habit with the “Don’t Break the Bottle” puzzle. Simply attach the puzzle to any wine bottle and watch your friend (or family member) express their frustration as they try to “unlock” the wine bottle. The product page ensures that the puzzle is harder than it seems. Made out of wood, the Don’t Break the Bottle uses a linking cable to tie the entire piece together. The object is to figure out to “unloop” the cable and wooden pieces to free the bottle. When you’ve had your fun laughing at your friends, the puzzle comes with instructions on how to untie everything.

“Don’t Break the Bottle” puzzle costs £19.95 ($40 USD) at I Want One of Those. It works with standard wine, herb vinegar, olive oil, and pop bottles.


Via: Gadgets Club

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