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The Human Race Machine: transform your race

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Ever wondered what you would look like as a different race? Now you can with The Human Race Machine. Invented in 2000, by Nancy Burson, the machine looks like one of those carnival photo booths — you enter the machine, sit down, and take an image. Here’s how it works. After taking your picture, the machine requires you to mark certain facial features (like the edge of your eyes, nose, and mouth) using the joystick. Then, you are prompted to select which race you’d like to see your image transform into. Currently, there are six options: Asian, Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, and Middle Eastern. The machine’s computer will then morph your image into your selected race.

The Human Race Machine is an education tool designed to bring forward the message that each race’s features are superficial. The point? That there is only ONE race, the Human Race.

The Human Race Machine is available for either lease or purchase. Each leasing term lasts a little over a week: 9-10 days. The machine arrives in a custom made case and weighs about 650 pounds. Set up time is less than 15 minutes. You can book the machine for workshops or seminars, and each booking comes with promotional posters, a DVD copy of the PBS series “Race — The Power of an Illusion” and various handouts, including “10 Things Everyone Should Know About Race” and “The Race Literacy Quiz.”


Via: The Human Race Machine

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