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Wasabi Smoke Alarm: for the deaf

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Japanese researchers have created a silent smoke alarm to alert the hearing impaired in the event of a fire. By using wasabi powder, the researchers hope that the smell will alert the deaf. Wasabi, for the non-sushi eaters, is Japanese horseradish. It has a very pungent smell and is spicy to the taste. The alarm consists of “cans” that contain the scent of wasabi, which are able to release the scent in the event of a fire.


To test the strength of the wasabi scent, researchers sprayed wasabi extract into a room of 14 sleeping subjects, one of which was deaf. 13 out of the 14 woke within two minutes. The deaf subject awoke within 10 seconds of the spray. You know, they say, those with sensory impairments are more sensitive to the senses they have. I bet the guy that didn’t wake had hyposmia?

Researchers hope to have the wasabi smoke alarm system in the market within two years.


Via: Inventor Spot

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