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Nooka Zen Watch: tells time through lines and bars

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The Nooka Watch makes it ‘just a tad’ harder to read time. However, the Nooka will certainly add some stylish and geek flair to your credit. The Nooka Zen interprets the time in lines and dots displayed on its tiny monochrome LCD screens. It sports an hour, minutes, seconds, and am/pm display screen. Essentially, you have to count the bars to tell the time, although the minutes and seconds are marked (like a ruler). The Zen line comes in two variations: the Zen-H and Zen-V. The Zen-H has its interface in an horizontal fashion, whereas the Zen-V is in a vertical orientation (hence the ‘H’ and ‘V’ in the name)


The Nooka Zen line is available in various styles at Nooka’s online store, with prices starting at $250. Nooka also has more lines of watches available as well.


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