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Spoiled Milk Alarm

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Nothing is more worse than drinking sour milk with your Cheerios. Luckily, several U.S. and Chinese researchers are aiming to prevent people from buying spoiled milk. Costing about less than penny per milk carton, the idea is to use a plastic “widget” with a thin metallic strip that vibrates when exposed to a magnet scanner inside the store. If the milk has gotten thick, it causes the metal strip to vibrate slowly (or stop vibrating), which causes an alarm to go off. Similarily, if the milk’s consistency has gotten too thin the metal strip will vibrate faster, also causing an alarm. The widget ensures no bacteria-infested milk is ever bought. The system should work for other liquids as well, such as soups and juices.

Of course, the system relies on passing the milk carton through a magnet scanner at the store. What happens after the milk is bought? This doesn’t prevent people from drinking spoiled milk, it only prevents the purchase. I don’t see this working at home, unless the consumer has their own magnet scanner.

How about using some sort of litmus strip that can change colors depending on the quality of the milk. If the milk is still safe to drink, the strip remains colorless. If bacteria is present, the strip turns red.


Via: Daily Mail

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