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Tube Tissue Dispensers

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Nope, that isn’t toothpaste. Nope, that isn’t a tube of glue. Actually, they’re both tissue dispensers. It is kinda silly, but it should provide a few minutes of laughter among your friends. The Tube Tissue Dispenser has a velcro end that you simply open and place your tissue roll inside (small ones work best). After threading the tissue through the top end, you now have a silly, yet fun, tissue dispenser. Nothing like a little Friday humor.

£12.99 each at I Want One of Those.

More details after the jump.

* Funky tissue dispensers based on larger than life tubes of toothpaste and glue.
* The end seam of the tube is made from Velcro so simply undo to insert a toilet roll and then re-fasten.
* The cap screws on and off like the real thing.
* The cap also has a click open/click shut lid.
* Leave the lid open and feed the tissue through for full design effect.
* Size: 33 x 16.5 x 11.5cm.


Via: Random Good Stuff

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