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Digital Photoframe Keyring

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Looking for something more portable than the high-tech digital picture frames currently available? Pictures are important to alot people. I mean, sure you can store all of your photos in your wallet, but overtime they get wrinkled and worn out. Plus, what if you have tons of family pictures? You don’t want your wallet fat full of photos.

Here’s the Digital Photoframe Keyring from I Want One of Those. Just like the Philips Keychain Camera, the Digital Photoframe is super duper compact and fits on your keyring. It comes with 8MB of internal memory, enough to store up to 31 photos. It supports two playback modes: manual shuffling and automatic slide. The Photoframe is rechargeable via USB. Photos are easily transferred using the user-friendly software (Windows and Mac).


The Digital Photoframe Keyring cost £44.95 ($92). Pretty expensive for a 1.5-inch, 8MB digital picture frame, regardless of its ultra compactness.

Full features after the jump.

* A pocket or purse-sized, brushed metal, key-ring digi-photo album
* A 1.5 inch LCD 128 x 128 for viewing your digi-snaps
* An internal memory of 8MB
* View up to 31 photos in manual or slideshow format
* Easy to use software allows you to transfer photos onto the key-ring direct from your PC or Mac
* The key-ring will automatically turn itself off to conserve power if left unused for more than 3 minutes
* A rechargeable Lithium battery to charge your key ring from the mains or USB
* A CD ROM and manual
* A battery life of 2 hours
* Requires Windows 2000/ME, XP, Macintosh OS X 10.2 and above
* Comes in a smart, mock-leather presentation box
* Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.5cm


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