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Drivemocion LED Car Message: flip-off other drivers with style

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Don’t you just hate it when some moron cuts you off on the road? Well, now you can let them know you much of a jackass they are with the Drivemocion LED Car Message. Simply hang the gadget off of your car’s rear window and send them messages. The Drivemocion sports an LCD screen that can display 5 included ‘default’ messages: “Thanks”, “Back Off”, “Sorry”, happy face, or sad face. The device also comes with a remote that can be mounted on the dashboard for easy “messaging”. I’m not sure if this can be seen through tinted windows, but the product page states that it is “extremely visible” at night.

Too bad you can’t program this thing to output your own custom messages. However, it’s only a matter time before someone hacks this thing…

The Drivemocion LED Car Message costs $28.95 at X-Treme Geek.

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