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Skateboard Mirror

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I guess if you’re a hard-core “sk8er” you would find this irresistible, but for the rest of us…why? Why would you want a mirror skateboard? Here are my two reasons:

1. So you can check out your face after you plant it on the concrete because you failed a trick.
2. So you could annoy the other skaters at the park with your annoying-as-hell-sun-reflecting skateboard

I’m leaning to both.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice and shiny on the wall, so it does get kudos for being unique. But, it costs £110.00 ($224 USD) at Purves. $200+ for a skateboard? I think that’s ridiculous, but apparently others don’t think so, as it is currently out of stock. You’ll have to pre-order one through Purves.


Via: Likecool