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Binder with speakers

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Wow, school supplies sure have gone high-tech these days. The Five Star Sound 1.5″ Binder looks like your ordinary three ring binder, except this one has a NXT speaker built-in. Simply connect your MP3 player, DVD player, CD player, or other audio device to the binder’s audio jack and rock away. If you’re worried about the weight, don’t. It’s still a lightweight, high quality binder you’d expect from Five Star. Of course, the Sound Binder has storage compartments for your pencils, pens, MP3 player, cell phone, etc. Just be sure not to play music during class.

The available color schemes are black/black, black/red, black/pink, and black/blue. It requires 4 AAA batteries (not included). The Five Star Sound 1.5″ Binder is available for $29.99 at AT-A-GLANCE.


Via: talk2myShirt

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