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Eject Powerstrip concept: for those that can’t bend

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The problem with ordinary powerstrips is that people who can’t bend over (like the elderly) have a tough time unplugging their devices. Sometimes, the powerstrips are placed in an area that is not easily accessible, like under a desk or table. Here’s where Mansour Ourasanah’s Eject Powerstrip concept proves useful. As part of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008, the Eject Powerstrip features foot pedals that can be pressed down to eject the plug. It supports 4 sockets, each with its own pedal. The Eject Powerstrip is recyclable, so you can throw it out and replace it without the guilt of ruining the environment.

This is also awesome for lazy people like myself. One question though. What if you want to re-plug the device in? You’ll still have to bend over.


Via: Core77

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