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Ferrari 360 Modena streched limo

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Nothing pisses me off than a jackass with alot of money ruining a good thing. In this case, a very good thing: a Ferrari 360 Modena. Dan Cawley, the *genius* behind this abomination, stretched a Ferrari 360. Look, I understand if someone wants to take a Ferrari (or any high end car) and add rims. Fine. Want to add a stereo? Be my guest. But, don’t f*cking turn it into a limo! Okay, okay…I can hear some people saying, he bought the car, he should be able to do whatever he wants with it. Yeah, true, but it’s still pretty stupid.

Thankfully, Ferrari isn’t amused. I believe they vomited upon seeing it. So, they’ve sent their stampede of lawyers after Mr. Crawley ordering him to remove all Ferrari logo and associated emblems. Ferrari doesn’t want their name on the fugly thing “infringed” limo.

On another note, the stretched Ferrari 360 does seat 8 people. Although, from the looks of it, you can’t do much inside the car, except sit foward. No sipping on champagne, dancing inside, or whatever the kids do inside limos these days. However, it does sport a tiny LCD display mounted in the center consoles. Bottom line is: this ain’t no hummer. After all, the car was meant for two passengers and a 3.6-liter V8.

It is now on sale on eBay for about $300,000 USD. The sale isn’t intended to be a collectors item, it is a business sale. The sale comes with two websites and the limo currently costs $1,400/hour to rent.



Via: TimesOnline and WorldCarFans