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Automatic Ball Thrower: automate playtime with your dog

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If you have ever owned a dog, playing fetch with it can be tiring. Dogs expect you to keep throwing the ball in a never ending cycle. Hence, the inspiration for the above invention. Check out the Automatic Ball Thrower. It is a machine that takes a tennis ball and throws it for a dog to fetch. Eventually, the dog, like Jerry in the video, will learn to put the fetched ball back into the receiving arm of the machine, for a never ending cycle of play time. The ball thrower also keeps track of how many balls it has thrown.

Ahhh, lazy engineers doing what they do best…

lamgngo, the creator of the machine says it took 2 years of “on and off work.” He says most of his time was spent coding the software to control the machine. Iamgngo also assures people that the ball thrower is equipped with about half a dozen IR sensors to prevent the arm from raising in the event that Jerry gets his teeth caught on the machine.


Via: 3 Yen – Japanese Gadgets