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Electrolux Inspiro: one-touch automatic oven

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Don’t know how long to cook that roast beef? Get a new oven. In fact, get the Electrolux Inspiro oven. Not only is it elegant looking, but the Inspiro is the first oven to automatically select the correct “cooking style” to cook whatever you put into it. Simply select what type of food and style of cooking you intend on doing, e.g. “roasting”, via the Inspiro’s display and the oven handles the rest. The oven uses its high tech sensors to calculate the exact amount of energy required to bring to food to temperature. Once the sensors detect that the food has reached the optimal temperature…voila! Dinner is served!

The Inspiro is different than other “similar” ovens in that it does not use conventional thermometer to determine the exact temperature. The Inspiro is also equipped with a database of cooking styles to determine the proper technique to cook the food – whether it should deliver the heat to the top, bottom, or side; it’ll even “grill” or simply deliver hot air to the food.

Watch the video below for more information. You’ll even learn how the oven is made.


Via: Kitchen Contraptions

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