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Jump Jet RC Plane: hovers and flys

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I kind of want one of these. The Jump Jet is a helicopter/plane hybrid that features 4 propellers. It is remote controlled allowing you to vertically take off and have it zip around the house or office. It sports a 9 meter range, so don’t expect to have long distance flights. Also, don’t worry about not being a seasoned RC pilot, the Jump Jet has gyroscopes (gyro-copter stabilization technology) that ensures the plane maintains its stability. It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate the remote control, but the plane itself is powered by a rechargeable Li-Po battery.

Check out the video for a demo (up until the 2 minute mark, then you can stop watching if you want). It seems extremely stable in the air:

The Jump Jet costs £69.99 ($140 USD) via Drinkstuff and comes with a spare propeller and instruction manual.


Specs after the jump.

* Incredible VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) flight performance
* Easy to fly
* Built-in rechargeable batteries
* Realistic flight movements
* Ready to fly
* Gyro-stabilised
* Long flight duration
* Indoor flying fun

Jet Plane: 340 x 335 x 60mm
Remote Control: 148 x 110 x 70mm


Via: GadgetRoad