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Lego Robot Crab

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UK’s University of Bath has engineered a robot crab made out of Lego. The purpose of the crab is to explore the ocean depths. Primarily aimed at gas and oil companies, the researchers hope to provide the companies a “vehicle” for exploration. Although, I doubt the Lego frame will withstand the pressures below.

The robot mimics the movement of a crab, but currently, the crab robot can only venture out on land. According to the Charles Gage, a Biomimetics & Technical Creativity MSc student who developed the project, said “Crabs are perfect models for the kind of robot we wanted because they are ‘tried and tested’ amphibious vehicles. We studied the way crabs walk, their posture, gait and stride length. Then we applied this information on a model robot.” He adds that the robot is very stable.

They hope to further development to allow amphibious operations.

Read the University of Bath’s press release here.


Via: University of Bath and Daily Mail

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