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ABB IRB 340 FlexPicker: it’s one fast picker

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Wow. Watch the speed on the ABB IRB 340 FlexPicker. It is essentially a robotic food assembly line worker, the IRB 340 FlexPicker can sort the “good from bad” ridiculously fast. It can do 150 picks per minute, corresponding to a cycle time of 0.4 seconds. The accuracy of the IRB 340 is freakishly impressive. It has a maximum carrying weight capacity of 2 kg (just under 4.5 pounds). Watch the videos below to see it sort croissants and hot dogs.

Watch it package hot dogs after the jump.

Hacked Gadgets has got more videos of the ABB IRB 340 FlexPicker doing other things except sort food.


Via: Hacked Gadgets

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