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Current State Concept: Manage your home’s energy usage with your iPhone

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Do you ever wonder what’s causing your energy bill to skyrocket? You’d be able to with a concept called the Current State. The idea is simple. By using what are called “Plug-Ends”, which plug into your electrical outlets, you connect all of your devices (TVs, computers, refrigerator, light lamps, etc) to the Plug-Ends and it’ll monitor the amount of electrical juice your appliances are consuming. Simply install the software onto your iPhone/iPod Touch and not only do you get a graphical representation of your home’s energy usage via Bluetooth, but you can also remotely turn off your devices. No more high energy bills!

The Current State system provides very pretty looking graphs. You can view your household’s energy usage by room. The Current State system uses a rather simple color scheme to depict rooms that are at high, acceptable, or low energy consumption.



Via: Unplggd and The Greener Grass

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