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Guitar Hero: On Tour – Guitar Hero for the DS

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Update (3/25/08) – Activision has revealed a release date of June 22 with a retail price of $50.

Remember the miniature Guitar Hero from Basic Fun? Well, forget it. Here’s a more “full-fledged” and enjoyable version…for the DS! Activision has finally decided to port the highly buzzed Guitar Hero to Nintendo’s handheld. Guitar Hero: On Tour, features the same gameplay we’ve all come to love and it even gets its own peripheral. And nope, it isn’t a mini guitar. In fact, it’s being called the “Guitar Grip” which is inserted into the GBA slot. Gamers are expected to hold the DS like a “vertical book”, as seen in the video below. One difference though, instead of 5 buttons the Guitar Grip gets 4…but that doesn’t matter. Strumming is done via the stylus on the lower touchscreen.

Activision hasn’t said much else about Guitar Hero: On Tour, but they have revealed that the DS version will include 20 licensed songs from bands as Nirvana, OK Go, and No Doubt. The game will have a single player career mode and multiplayer (co-op and competitive) — with six different guitarists to choose from.

Activision says they’ll have more details to spill as it nears its summer release.


Via: IGN

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