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Phantom Keystroker: April Fool’s joke

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April is approaching, so here’s a little idea to “fool” your computer newbie friends. Simply attach the Phantom Keystroker to your victim’s computer USB port and watch hilarity ensue. The Phantom Keystroker contains a circuit board that randomly and periodically sends random mouse movements and types out garbage text that is sure to confuse (and annoy) your victim. There is no installation needed or drivers to install. Just plug it in and watch. A jumper setting on the Phantom Keystroker allows you to easily set whether you want random annoying mouse movements, random text, or both. You can also set the frequency.

$24.99 via ThinkGeek.

Product features after the jump.

Product Features:
* Attach this evil prank device to your victim’s computer and it makes random mouse movements and types out odd garbage text and phrases
* Jumper setting allows you to choose between either keyboard garbage typing, annoying mouse movements or both
* Adjustment pot sets the duration between annoying “events”
* Works on any OS
* Victim’s computer requires USB port


Via: Crave

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