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Banpresto DangerBomb Clock: disconnect the right wire in the morning

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A good alarm clock is one that makes sure you are awake. Whether it uses a loud sound to get you up or makes you get out of bed to turn it off, a good alarm clock ensures that when you go to turn it off, you won’t be snoozing a few seconds later. Banpresto’s DangerBomb is an attempt at a good alarm. The alarm clock features three wires – red, blue, and yellow – and an LED light corresponding to each color wire. When the DangerBomb Clock goes off, a random LED light will flash. You are then required to disconnect the corresponding wire that matches the indicated light color. If you chose the wrong wire, the alarm clock will continue to make large explosion sounds. The DangerBomb Clock, I guess, is supposed to make you feel like you’re disarming a bomb, like in the movies.

The whole idea is to make you use your noggin’ as you “think” about which wire to disconnect. Hopefully, you’ll be thinking hard enough that you won’t feel sleepy anymore, so you’ll get your sleepy ass out of bed.

The DangerBomb Clock is powered by 3 AA batteries and costs $55.99 via AudioCubes.


Via: Ubergizmo

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