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Batter Blaster: pancakes in a can

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Developed by Nate Steck, Batter Blaster is “organic” pancake batter in an aerosol spray can that allows families to cook and enjoy delicious pancakes in a no time at all. Just spray the batter in the pan! In fact, “Just point, blast, and cook” is their slogan.

“If you sit down with your family in the morning, you can cook these pancakes so quick,” he said in an interview in Batter Blaster’s new offices in a south-of-Market alley in San Francisco.

“You can actually give the house that smell of home cooking,” Steck said. “You’re not burning the frozen waffles in the toaster. This heats up the house. The kids like it; they feel like they’re spending some time with the family.”

A single Batter Blaster can make two dozen four-inch pancakes. Each can retails for $5 – $6, and a pack of three cans for about $10. About 400,000 cans have been sold to date.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of pancake batter just sitting in a can for God knows how long makes me wheezy. I’m sure it’s delicious, but I’d rather whip up some batter myself. Doesn’t take too long, plus, I know it’s fresh.


Via: Inventor Spot and Associated Press

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