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Lego-esque Phone

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We’ve seen Lego MP3 players and Lego iPod docking stations, and now here’s another Lego device…a Lego phone! Well, not exactly.

Built by Tyco, the phone is marketed under the name “Big Blocks” phone. The “Lego phone” is not really made from LEGO. It’s actually made from Tyco Bricks, which unfortunately cannot be taken apart. However, the phone is fully functional, it even has mute and redial buttons. It also sports a switch so you can adjust the ringer’s volume and a switch for Tone or Pulse dialing. Best of all, however, is its side drawer that you can pull out and stash your extra Lego or Tyco bricks.

The Lego, err…Tyco Bricks phone measures a square 7-inches. It costs $69.95 shipped from Ericofon. It is refurbished and in great working order, or so says the product page.


Via: Likecool

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