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Pedalite 360 Degree Visibility Pedals: strobing lights for your bike

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Riding your bike out at night is pretty dangerous, especially if you don’t wear reflectors or other bright clothing. We’ve seen the Turn Signal Biking Jacket, but that jacket isn’t necessarily for sale. So, what’s a better alternative? Check out the 360 Degree Visibility Pedals from Pedalite, which is essentially pedal lights for your bike. The Pedalite 360 Degree Visibility Pedals offers 360 degree visibility for bicycles during the day and night. No more getting run over by cars. It is battery operated and can be seen as far as 1km away, from any angle — including the side.

75% of Cycling accidents happen at, or near, a road junction [source RoSPA], where cycles need to be seen from the side. Pedalite pedals help cyclists create their own virtual cycle lane as motorists naturally give cyclists with Pedalite pedals a wider berth and distance, increasing their safety.

The Pedalite 360 Degree visibility Pedals costs £34.99 ($69) and comes in a pair, one for the left and right pedal. One year full warranty is also included.


Via: TechFresh

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