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ComFish: USB Mini Aquarium for your desk

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Do you have a dinky little fish bowl because you don’t want to invest in a large, full sized tank just for a couple of goldfishes? Well, the ComFish all-in-one mini aquarium might be worth the ‘upgrade’. The interesting part of the ComFish is that its oxygen tank, lighting, and water heater are all powered by USB. Yup! You install the included software and connect the ComFish to a USB port on your computer, giving you full control of the aquarium’s system to make sure your goldfish stays nice and comfy. The mini aquarium also doubles as a room humidifier and night light.

One question though? What happens when you power off your computer? Will it cause my little Nemo to die? Also, why USB? Hello?!? Welcome to 2008, I want Wi-Fi please.

The ComFish is available in either red, blue, gold, or silver color. It costs about 49,000 KRW ($50) in Korea.



Via: OhGizmo!