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Finger sensor remote control

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Okay, this futuristic remote control is another head scratcher. Sure, it is a cool idea, but to me, the concept is just too gimmicky to be practical. Designed by a Duch design student, the remote sports a multi-touch pad-esque finger sensor. The remote control requires you to use finger gestures to operate the TV. To turn the TV on, you spread your fingers apart in the remote’s center cavity. To change the channel, you either “slide” your finger up or down. To turn off the TV, you make a “pinching” gesture. Finally, to adjust the volume, you gently adjust the remote’s up or down tilt to increase or decrease the volume. It can auto balance itself, as long as it remains between 0 to 40 degrees.

I know, confusing. I’d rather just press buttons. But, watch the video for a demo…it’ll all make sense.



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