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Yellow Drum Machine: a robot that drums

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The Yellow Drum Machine is a robot with one sole purpose: to find things to drum on. The cute little robot has tracked “wheels” so it can roam around finding objects to lay beats on. The Yellow Drum machine can avoid obstacles, but when it finds an object worth playing on (it actually takes sound samples), it goes ahead and drums a little beat. It also records every beat it has played in the area, so it can playback the “recorded beat” while it plays a new beat. The Yellow Drum Machine is fully autonomous, there is no remote control.

It’s pretty f’ing cool. It cost $120 and 20 hours to build. Watch the video!!!

Update (3/23/08): Updated the vid. Looks like the old one died. Still, more vids at Let’s Make Robots.

More details and videos at Let’s Make Robots.



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