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Glowing Power Socket

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If the Current State concept was too much for you, here’s a simpler way to make sure your appliances aren’t using too much power. Using an embedded LED, the Glowing Socket glows red if a connected device is consuming electricity. The brighter the red glow, the more power the appliance is consuming. This makes it easier to see which appliance in your house is energy inefficient, allowing you to unplug the “un-green” device. Of course, if you aren’t interesting in seeing your wall “glow red”, you can switch off the feature with a press of the button conveniently located on the upper right of the outlet. But, then, why would you even buy it?


I think this is a great way to find out if your appliance continues to consume electricity when powered off. I’m sure there are toasters out there that will eat up little bits of power when not in use. Sure it may not be much, but that all adds up in your electrical bill.


Via: I New Idea

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