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LG Flatron LX206WU monitor

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LG’s Flatron LX206WU monitor allows you to daisy chain up to 6 LX206WU monitors via USB. Each monitor has 2 USB ports, so it’ll double as a USB hub. Can you imagine setting up 6 monitors to provide 360-degree views to your gaming sessions?

Samsung has a similar technology called UbiSync, which is used in the Samsung 2263DX. However, spec-wise, the LX206WU sports:

* 20.1″ wide display
* 90-degree swiveling
* 5,000:1 contrast ratio
* 2ms response
* DVI and VGA input
* LG’s f-Engine technology that automatically adjusts the monitor’s image for optimal viewing

The LG Flatron LX206WU has a price tag of 390,000 KRW, about $389 USD.


Via: Newlaunches

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