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BUG, the ‘Lego’ of gadgets

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From Bug Labs comes the BUG, a mix and match of electronic devices that allows you to build the gadget of your choice. For example, want a gadget with an LCD display and digital camera? Fine. Just attach the BUGview and BUGcam2MP modules and now you have the device you want. Want a GPS? Just attach the BUGlocate module. All you need is the BUGbase, which forms the foundation of the device and includes (unfortunately, no Wi-Fi):

* 532MHz ARM-based microprocessor
* Linux (programmable)
* 128MB of RAM
* Rechargeable battery
* Ethernet
* a small LCD with button controls

Its programmable and “hackable” Linux OS allows you to essentially add any features and functionality you wish. Programming skills are required. The BUGbase has 4 open module connectors for you to connect your desired BUGmodules to. The currently available modules are: BUGlocate (GPS), BUGcam2MP (camera), BUGmotion (motion detector and accelerometer), and BUGview (2.46″ 320 x 240 LCD); costing an early adopter price of $79, $69, $49, and $99 respectively. 81 more modules are in the pipeline. The BUGbase unit costs $299. Orders do not begin shipping until May, but you can buy the BUG set at Bug Lab’s Store.

See more photos and full specs of the BUGbase after the jump.


BUGbase specs:


Via: Uncrate

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