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LG’s LG-SH240: 3G HSDPA skin-like pohone?

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LG’s 3G HSDPA phone, the LG-SH240, is made from a combination of metal and silicon to give it that skin-like feel. No idea why someone would want a phone feeling like a “limb”. Personally, I don’t want to my phone feeling like I’m holding a flimsy dead hand. Fortunately, it appears only the keypad is made from silicon.

Spec-wise the LG-SH240 sports:

* Bluetooth
* 2 mega pixel camera
* video conferencing support
* MP3 player
* microSD card slot
* subway map (?)
* electronic dictionary

The LG-Sh240 has a retail price around 400,000 KRW, or $400.00 USD.




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