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PistolCam: camcorder that attaches to your handgun

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The PistolCam is a small, compact camcorder that can be “clipped on” to most handguns. The PistolCam can take still images or record video with its 512MB of storage and 3.2 megapixel image sensor, capable of recording up to 60 minutes of video in VGA quality MPEG-4 (at 30 fps). It even has a laser sight, which makes it even cooler. Mini USB is used to transfer files between the PistolCam and a PC.

The premise behind the PistolCam is to provide a gun barrel view of what law enforcers see, removing the confusion about what really happened during an arrest. It helps catch “trigger happy” police offers, provide evidence in court, and makes a great training tool for new recruits. The handgun is not included.

Demo of the PistolCam’s quality (which isn’t too bad):

They should make the TaserCam, so we can really see what is happening when college students get tasered.


Via: Register Hardware

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