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Pixelh8’s Music Tech Pro Performer V1.0: control your GBA/DS sound chip

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If you liked the Korg DS-10 synthesizer, you might be interested in Pixelh8’s latest offering. Pixelh8 has a limited quantity of his Music Tech Pro Performer V1.0 cartridge available, that allows you to take full control of the sound chip on your Nintendo GBA or DS. Pixelh8 is making the software available as a GBA cartridge, so it’ll work with your GBA, GBA SP, and DS Lite. It will also work on the GameCube, with the help of additional software.

The Music Tech Pro Performer V1.0 is on sale for £30.00 plus £5 shipping ($70 USD). If you want one, you better act fast. Rumor has it that he only has 50 cartridges for sale.

Watch the videos to see what it can do.

Part 2 and 3 of his demo after the jump.


Via: The Hurry

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