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Samsung SCH-W420/SPH-W4200 touchscreen phone

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Samsung has a haptic touchscreen phone soon to hit the masses, at least in Korea. The Samsung SCH-W420/SPH-W4200’s highlight is its UI that allows “drag and drop” functionality in its applications. For example, you can drag and drop photos in its photo viewer, essentially giving you the option to arrange all of your photos the way you want — all by touchscreen. The phone also gives users tactile feedback. For example, adjusting the phone’s volume simulates the same vibration and clicking noise of a real volume knob (see the video below). Lastly, the Samsung SCH-W420 supports widgets, allowing users to customize the main screen to their preference.

More features after the break.

Other features include:

* 3.2-inch 16:9 screen
* 2 megapixel camera
* Bluetooth 2.0
* 12.1mm thin

The SCH-W420 is out in Korea now via AnyCall.



Via: Akihabara News