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Sanyo PLC-XW60: smallest and lightest XGA projector

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Sanyo is claiming the “smallest and lightest XGA projector” title for its PLC-XW60. Sanyo’s PLC-XW60 measures 10.4 x 2.17 x 7.40 inches and weighs 3.6 pounds. The rather “boring” looking projector sports 1024 x 768 resolution, 2000 lumens of brightness, built-in mono speakers, and automatic input detection – offering D-sub, component, and composite as video inputs. The PLC-XW60 is capable of projecting a 100 inch image from 9 to 11 feet away.

The Sanyo PLC-XW60 suggested retail price is $795.00, available April 2008.

Read the press release after the jump.

Press Release:

CHATSWORTH, Calif., March 26 — SANYO, one of the world’s
largest manufacturers of 3LCD and DLP projectors, announced details about a
new ultraportable projector, the PLC-XW60, which is the industry’s smallest
and lightest XGA LCD projector. At a mere 3.6 lbs, it is small enough to
carry in one hand, offering simple setup, and is packed full of features
such as automatic keystone correction, automatic input signal detection, an
adjustable color mode for projecting on different surface colors, and an
easy-off function that allows users to pull the plug and store the
projector without waiting for a cool-down cycle. The small and lightweight
projector has been designed for widespread use by those on the go such as
traveling businessmen, as well as in corporate offices and classrooms.

The SANYO PLC-XW60 introduces the industry’s smallest compact body at
only 10.4 (W) x 2.17 (H) X 7.40 (D) inches (not including protrusion
parts). Contributing to the ultra-small dimensions, SANYO developed new,
lighter, miniaturized optical components, reduced the lamp size by 39% by
using an optimized reflector and reduced the lens weight by 44% by adopting
a new aspherical plastic lens. The reduced size and weight opens up new
opportunities for on-the-go projector use in business, entertainment and
education markets.

The projector is capable of projecting an extremely large image from
short distances. For instance, a 100-inch image is possible from only 9 to
11 feet away, enabling the PLC-XW60 to be used in very limited spaces.
Additionally, the PLC-XW60 offers simple setup functions such as a built-in
sensor that automatically searches for an available input signal and
automatic keystone correction for use in a wide variety of locations and
situations. The projector’s guidance display allows users, either novice or
experts, to quickly setup and operate the PLC-XW60.

Even More Great Features

When a white projection screen or surface is not available, especially
for impromptu presentations, the PLC-XW60 provides SANYO’s Color or
BlackBoard Mode (red, blue, green and yellow) that enables clear images
against almost any solid-colored surface including black boards. The easy
on/off function turns on the power simply by plugging in the power cord.
Moreover, the power cord can be removed without waiting for the projector
to cool down — allowing busy executives to meet and go.

Other Specifications
Brightness: 2000 lumens
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio: Built-in mono speaker with 1 watt of power
PC I/O: D-sub 15-pin Input x 2 (1 switchable in/monitor out)
Video Input: Component Input (D-sub 15-pin), Composite (RCA)
Audio: Stereo mini-jack input and output, Analog stereo input (RCAx2)
Service Port: Mini DIN 8-pin

The PLC-XW60 will be available in April 2008 for an MSRP of $795.00.


Via: SlipperyBrick

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