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Yen Hankies

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These 10,000 Yen wads of handkerchiefs, hankies, towels, or whatever you want to call it, will surely make you look rich…for a brief moment. You can blow your nose and wipe your sweat just like a Japanese millionaire. You can buy the Yen hankies online for 6,800 Yen ($68 USD). Each pack comes with ten 10,000 Yen towels, so that’s 100,000 Yen worth hankies.

Pretty expansive for a gag item. However, they should make a USD currency version. I’d buy a whole pack and hand em out to people, just to see their “disappointed” expression once they realize the truth. Muwhahaha.

Now, if you want to bath like a rich Japanese, try this.


Via: Coolbuzz

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