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Boxing Grannies

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We’ve all seen the “Rock Em Sock Em Robots” boxing toy before, but have you seen the Boxing Grannies? The toy is similar to the robots version, except instead of having Granny’s head pop off, the ‘elderly’ version simply has the losing Granny tilt backwards. Unfortunately, instead of using joystick-esque controls, the Boxing Grannies has two small buttons placed on the base of the toy that controls the left and right arm to throw a punch. Should still be fun though.

They should have made the losing Granny lose their dentures, because that’d would have made this toy even radder. Available now at I Want One Of Those for £9.99 ($20 USD).

* Two grannies on their boxing platforms.
* Grannies are decked out in gym slips, hi-tops and boxing gloves.
* Each arm has a control button that when pressed shoots the arm into a fierce upper cut.
* When a granny is hit hard she will tilt backwards.
* Suitable for ages 8 years+.
* Size: 19 x 11 x 10cm.


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