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Carpet Skates

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Sliding on hardwood floors in your socks is mighty fun. However, if your home isn’t equipped with wooden floors, you can experience the same fun with the Carpet Skates. The skates are made from a friction resistant plastic that allows you to effortlessly glide across your carpet. The Carpet Skates also features a foam foot pad for grip, so your feet won’t slide off the skates. Its also got an adjustable foot strap, so “kids” of all sizes can comfortably wear them.

Although, who said you were restricted to the carpet? Grinding off the sofa, anyone?

Thegadgetsite did a review of the Carpet Skates and gave it an 8.5 out of 10, touting its fun factor. However, they suggest that you try not to climb down stairs while wearing the skates. Try telling that to the kids above.

For $19.99 and free shipping within the U.S. at Simtec, this could be the cheapest fun you could ever buy…for the kids. Yeah, for the kids…


Via: thegadgetsite

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