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Windup Key for your car

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At first glance, I thought this was for real. In fact, I was kinda excited into learning how the heck they got a windup VW Beetle to work. Upon further investigation, however, it turned out that the Windup Key is a faux. It’s just a simple attachment for your car. The Windup Key comes in two shapes: circular or oval. Similarly, you can opt for your key to be free spinning (which spins freely in the wind), non-spinning, or motorized — using a 12V motor allowing 30 revolutions a minute. All models come powder coated in “sparkling silver” and consists of two pieces, allowing you to remove the key for, say, car washes. Optional colors and finishes are available. Installation requires an hour of time, a few drilling, and some screwing.

The Windup Key is compatible with most “cute” cars, including the Scion xB, PT Cruiser, and New Beetle. Pricing starts at $100 with the standard powder coat finish. Prices depend on your car’s make. Optional colors and finishes start at an additional $5.

Edit (3/28/08) – Sorry, I got the pricing mixed up. Fixed. Must admit, their ordering process isn’t that user friendly.


It is kinda funny. Can you imagine all the questions you’ll you get from other drivers?


Via: Autoblog