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Stow Away Cabinet Ironing Board: expensive and pointless

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The Stow Away Cabinet Ironing Board
by Whitney Design, is an “elegant” solution to storing and hiding an ironing board, because we all know how unsightly ironing boards can be [hint, my sarcasm]. The Stow Away Cabinet features a solid wood design with an elevating board. It also has a sliding door for easy access. Okay, I don’t have a problem with the idea, but what I do have an issue with is its price. $199, for a mini closet and ironing board. Well, at least it doubles as a shelf…


Seriously, why don’t you just buy a small ironing board and slide it under your bed? Then, take the money you save and go have a nice dinner with your significant other.

Am I right? If I’m wrong, you can go buy the Stow Away Cabinet Ironing Board at Organize.


Via: Hometone